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How to play

Q: What is this game?
A: The Green Screen Diaries is a 1-2 hour long game for 3-6 players. It is a part of the Transeuropa Festival. But just order a box, gather some friends and let the magic happen. Trust us!

Q: But I want to know what happens NOW!
A: Okay, okay. In the box you will find instructions how to – safely! – take a peek into the future. And chalk, dice and a green screen. The game will move with you through your city and will try to help you to think differently about it. Uh, in the end you will make a gorgeous video. Or two.

Q: Videos with the green screen?
A: Yes, you and your friends will be script writers, audio directors and guerilla film makers.
Q: Sounds complicated…
A: Not at all. You will need a smart phone, but not an app. Don’t worry about the technical stuff. The box will explain it all.

Q: Why is it then called “transnational storytelling”?
A: Because some futures are so beautiful or dangerous or different that you can only approach them by working together with people from all over Europe. Hmh. Maybe it is a tiny bit political after all.

You and your friends would like to try it out? Get the game box sent to you with a detailed description and all tools that you need by registering under greenscreendiaries@gmail.com

In case you are interested, but you do not have enough players, why not create a Facebook page and make us promote it? In this case write to p.sombetzki@euroalter.com

For Berliners, there are already some dates on which we will gather and play: 13/09, 15/09 and 16/09. There is also a Facebook event to join. For one of these dates please register via berlin@euroalter.com