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New parties and new media

Discussion with Juan Luis Sanchez (Eldiario.es), Lorenzo Marsili (EA), Adam Ramsay (OpenDemocracy) and Dragana Obradovic (Balkan Investigative Reporting Network). The media has replaced Parliament as the key political space of our time. This was a statement by Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos, a party that has emerged from an independent talk show - la Tuerka. The media has never played a more central role in defining our political future. The migration debate across Europe is closely shaped by media campaigns and the attitude of tabloid press. The German hardline on Greece has much to do with an overwhelmingly hostile national press. What is the role of the media in opening political spaces, shifting the field of party politics as much as that of public opinion? If the media is recognised as the central place of production of popular habits, ideas and beliefs, can we democratise our societies without democratising our media? And what would a more democratic, accountable and representative media system look like?