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Talking about alternatives – movements to political parties?

The crisis of democracy is becoming more and more evident in contemporary societies. Citizens feel excluded from decision-making processes that concern very important questions of their own lives. In reaction to the general crisis, the debates and attempts to create new and different political institutions as well as political parties, with the goal of changing the "status quo" in the political sphere, are more and more numerous. What can we make of these debates and past attempts that happenend around Europe? The case of the Indignados movement in Spain which got the housing activist, Ada Colau into the city hall of Barcelona is a successful example of transition from movement to governement. What about other such attempts or deliberate decisions not to take the institutional path? What are the obstacles and dangers in such a transition? How can independence be kept and how to avoid a"betrayal" of the idea? This panel will be preceeded by the screening of the short film, Recetas Municipales, realised by the Zemos98 collective. It touches on the exact questions of this panel, taking a Spanish perspective that we aim to internationalise in this round and discuss with the audience.