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Arts, politics and the public space

Discussion “Arts and Politics via the prism of performance art” Where is a border between individual action, personal gesture and politically significant actions? What kind of artist’s activity we can consider as a political? And to what extend we can escape (or take part) of politics as artists if we will treats politics ontologically? We will also discuss the relations of public space and different body’s practices how it reflected through the prism of performance art. The socially and culturally constructed bodies perform, and construct public space. How contemporary artists use the different bodies-practices to signify the public space? How different artistic strategies influence/depend on dominant form of cultural reproductions, leading to the emergence of new models of social behaviour and a new form of aesthetics?   Workshop “Art, body and public space” Workshop will dedicate to the study of spatial and power relations that links an artistic dimension to a form of interactive social situation. This idea emphasizes public space not as a natural phenomenon but as socially produced and negotiated through social relations and discursive practices. Workshop will combine performative exercises in public space, participation with audience, unannounced actions and urban interventions. The crucial point is the participants’ co-presence in the creative process in the real situation by experimenting with the body, space and relationship between the bodies and social context.   This workshop is curated by Oleksyi Polegkyi and Anna Kosarewska.