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Focus on Art and Migration: supporting or changing current social narratives and perspectives?

Celebrate youth, life, mobility, cultural exchange, the fall of borders and fences, courageous open-minded ex-pats, migration as the largest possible sense of moving one's life from one place to another, integration... but do not touch the exclusivity of such concepts. In order to exist it needs to be just for some! Others are young clandestinos, intruders, illegal migrants, those that are threatening our (European - both western and eastern European) identity/ies and values. Even if you criticise exclusivity and our hypocrisy, please do that politely - call it non-political, call it art. Speakers joining this discussion will be:  Luka Knezevic Strika (photographer, Belgrade, Serbia), Djordje Balmazovic (artist, Belgrade, Serbia), Riwanon Quere (Etrange Miroir - performance collective, France), Jazra Khaleed (poet, Greece), Marko Risovic, (photographer, Kamerades, Serbia)  and Emilia Epstain (cr, African Museum of Art, Belgrade, Serbia). Host of this discussion is Robert Kozma (Grupa 484, Belgrade, Serbia).