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Kakav nezavisni kulturni centar nam treba?// What kind of independent cultural center do we need?

In the past years several initiatives formed new independent cultural centers in Belgrade. Different tactics of acquiring spaces, from negotiations with government to squatting, lead to different ambitions of usage and models of functionality of the cases in question. What kind of independent cultural center do we need, will be the main question that we will address to the cultural workers who experienced the formation and leading of cultural institutions in the past. This panel will be held in Magacin, a space that the independent cultural scene of Serbia is campaigning for to become a new independant center for contemporary art. How much potential do these initiatives have for wider social changes and in what sense, are further questions we will ask the participants. With Mitja Bravhar (Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia), Emina Višnić (Pogon, Zagreb, Hungary), Iskra Geshoska (Jadro, Skopje, Macedonia), Milica Pekić (Asocijacija Nezavisna kulturna scena Srbije, Belgrade, Serbia), Moderator: Dobrica Veselinović  *This panel will be held in Serbian.