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The currency of our lives: Information

From Wikileaks to Pirate Bay, what the early 21st century has shown is that one of the biggest challenges for our times is the freedom of information. On the one hand we have governmental and corporative secret deals (for instance, TTIP, or military coup d'etats such as the one in Syria or financial ones such as Chile or most recently, Greece), on the other hand - our private lives are becoming more and more transparent and visible to governments and corporations (as shown by Snowden). Our data is being collected not only to exploit us for financial gain (main currency today is information; Google being the all swallowing data-monster), but also to control us (mass surveillance). Join us at this exciting panel with Renata Avila, Guatemalan Human Rights and Intellectual Property Lawyer and advocate for freedom of privacy and access to information, Angela Richter, German theatre director who worked with Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers; and Peter Sunde, co-founder and ex-spokesperson of Pirate Bay. Moderated by Srecko Horvat.