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Cooling it down together? Collective Action on Climate Change in the Lead to COP21 and Beyond

Individual action may well be a motor of change, but only collective force can change the narrative of climate change ahead of COP 21. Time is running out if we want to stop the globe from warming past 2 degrees - as carbon emissions continue, is it time to discard individual action and promote a collective movement? You and I may recycle, but how is that changing the narrative of how we deal and discuss with this phenomenon which, along with migration, is one of the biggest we will have to face? We hear from a traditional green NGO (is it still working? how do they stay motivated?), a global media which this year put climate change at the forefront of its news agenda (how can we get more people to pay attention to this phenomenon?), and a citizen who joined others to make historic change in calling a European government to account for its climate 'crimes' (this was a really unique case, hard we imagine to see replicated).