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Poetry Is Just Words in the Wrong Order

This interdisciplinary, hybrid performance project proposes a new, unconventional way of creating and performing poetry based on detournement, rupture, improvisation, randomness and language/sound experimentation. Through a specially designed code, a computer chooses randomly phrases from predetermined Twitter hastags and other databases of verses and discourse. The tweets, phrases, verses etc. that are collected from this large pool of both dynamic and static textual material are combined partly randomly and partly following a given pattern. By applying some certain restrictions, a poem is created. At the same time, sound events are being produced by estimating the number of the letters of every incoming word as well as the total volume of the incoming data. For TRANSEUROPA Festival we will use performance, poetry, sound and code to investigate on constant connectivity, disruption and defamiliarization in order to address issues of immigration, xenophobia and racism. We will draw textual material from the following sources: - Hashtags #Syria and #ekathimarini, - Poems by Arab women writing in English, - Council regulation No 2007/2004 establishing FRONTEX. The poem that will being created by the computer will being posted real-time on a screen during the performance and as tweets on the project’s Twitter account. During their performance, the artists build and improvise on the poem that is created by the computer. They use some of the phrases/verses, disregard others and add some of their own. At the same time, they integrate in their performance the sounds that are created. As the phrases/verses are chosen randomly and real-time from Twitter and the other databases, the outcome varies each time the project is performed. During their performance, the artists interact with, develop and redefine the word and sound structures that are created by the computer. The audience can post on a predetermined hashtag their own tweets regarding immigration and racism, which are also integrated in the performance.