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Life of migrants in Belgrade

*Guided tour by the artists and exhibition curator "The Border is Closed" is the collaborative project of the Museum of African Art and the Group 484 with Belgrade-based artists: Snežana Skоkо, Luka Knеžеvić Strika, the art collective „ШКАРТ” and theatre and radio director Ivana Bogićević-Lеkо. Working with migrants in the asylum protection centres in Serbia over the course of few years, the artists have created mixed-media artworks such as “migrant maps”, written and illustrated works on textiles and an interactive application on communication problems that migrants have during their "life in transit". The exhibition is capturing the female side of migrations as well. Also part of the exhibition is a unique board-game created by asylum seekers in one of the camps. Its name – The Border is Closed, inspired the making of this exhibition.