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Guerrilla Intervention

Ma Yongfeng is an artist and cultural producer who lives between Beijing and Shenzhen. He currently runs the project Forget Art, and has engaged in solo and group exhibitions at major institutes of contemporary arts in China and overseas.
 Ma-Yongfeng - Guerrilla Intervention"Guerrilla Intervention" is a response tactic that deals  specifically with a comprehensive and invisible  control that is present in a post-totalitarian society. It  operates through the social media and in the actual  social mobilizations carried out by artists through  forms of artistic expressions. It can be a daily “micro-  resistance” carried out in a guerrilla fashion that is  not confined within a specific time and place.   Previous interventions could be seen here:  http://aestheticsofprotest.org/guerrilla-intervention-the-art-practice-of-ma-yongfeng/