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Thematic City Walks// Belgrade bike tour & Squares and Parks in Belgrade – Heritage Accidentally

The programme of walks through Belgrade was conceived at the festival with the idea of offering visitors a chance to experience Belgrade through a series of varied themes, such as a historical overview, the contemporary context, artistic impressions and the city’s anti-fascist heritage. The programme also aims to encourage participants to think about the city’s development through current themes in a European context, the struggle for public goods, political activism and the relationship between art and the city. A dedicated portion of the programme is devoted to New Belgrade and covers the origins, development and current outlook of the part of Belgrade that rose out of the sand. Belgrade bike tour* See all the highlights and contrasts of beautiful Belgrade from close up. You’ll have the city in your pocket! One of our young and professional English-speaking guides will welcome you and take you to our shop at Brace Krsmanovic street 5 within a 10-minute walk. See all the highlights of beautiful Belgrade from close up. No endless walking or viewing from a bumpy bus, but a relaxing ride on the bike, creating your own refreshing breeze while riding around town. Although Belgrade is built on several hills we will only go uphill (and downhill!) once. Basically, anybody who knows how to ride a bicycle can join the tour. The tour will take about 3 hours, including a walk through the biggest greenmarket of Belgrade, a break in the shadow of the huge Orthodox church where you can grab a drink, and some shorter breaks during the rest of the tour. During the tour your guide will tell you all about Belgrade, except for the boring stuff. In addition to interesting facts about the recent history of Belgrade, and some urban myths, you will learn more about the Belgrade of today: the restaurants, the bars, the places to go or not to go, etc. *costs: 10 euros; duration: 3 hours Squares and Parks in Belgrade - Heritage Accidentally We will be looking at the origins of the most important public spaces in Belgrade during our walking tour from Student Square to Slavija Square. It is interesting to mention that today we spend time in the parks and walk across the squares which came as a result of certain historic circumstances rather than as part of carefully considered urban planning in spite of a century and half long urban tradition. Unfortunately, such a situation as far as their development continues even today. We will be discussing with the participants of our walking tour where they spend their time in order to examine the issues of those and other public spaces in our capital. We are going to introduce them to the concept of public space and the circumstances related to development of the busiest squares and parks in the heart of the city. This will help us come to some conclusions about why public spaces are so important for a city and what challenges we are facing today as far as they are concerned. Guide: Vladimir Dulović; max: 25 people, duration: 2 hours